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Like Fancy Pet Gadgets? We Love the Healing Powers of K-laser!

You may have heard rumors about laser therapy for pets and wondered exactly what it is. K-laser is one of the things that really sets our Love That Pet Wellness Campuses apart from the crowd. There are very few vet clinics in Sydney that offer K-laser therapy. K-laser is incredibly safe and effective for a number of health conditions. It speeds up healing, reduces pain and inflammation and is completely pain free. If you put the laser on your own [...]


There are many holiday plants that we enjoy this time of year. Although our friends and family love them, some can be toxic to our pets. Poinsettias Toxicity level: Limited Although many believe poinsettias to be very toxic to pets, the risks associated with them are limited. The sap from the stems and leaves of the plant can irritate your pet’s mouth, causing excessive salivation and possibly vomiting, however, these symptoms will clear up on their own and do not require medical [...]


Regular walks can have a big impact on your dog’s overall health, and yours too. Not only do they help burn energy and improve the bond you have with your pet, they also help improve cardiovascular health and assist with weight management. Although it may be easy for you to get out frequently in the summer, we know that staying motivated to get out and walk during the cold winter months can be hard. Follow these tips to help make [...]


Winter can be a fun time for you and your pets. After all, who doesn’t love building snowmen and having snow ball fights? It’s important to keep in mind winter pet safety as there are dangers associated with the season as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind: Antifreeze is extremely toxic to pets Antifreeze has a sweet taste that can be appealing to animals and amounts as small as a teaspoon can be deadly to pets. Make sure [...]

An ode to Lily, the million-dollar dachshund

Steven and his beloved pet dachshund Lily Steven Rowley Boudicca Fox-Leonard 18 JULY 2016 • 7:00AM Lily was stubborn, as many dachshunds are. She was also relentlessly sweet and funny. She would make me laugh, whether it was a cock of the eyebrow or the way she would play with a ball. Later in her life she lost her eyesight and she would miss a doorway by a half an inch; it sounds terrible, I know, but just the [...]

The Benefits of Sweet Potato

Hello Our Dear Furry Animal Lovers! I would like to share with you all about the benefits of Sweet Potatoes for our Pups! Chopper & Schumibear both came with sensitive tummies and needed to be on low fat foods & treats.   Poor Chopper also had pancreatitis a few times when he was a puppy and we had to change his diet completely.   When our veterinarian told me about the great benefits of Sweet Potato for the pups (as a small [...]


Training and socializing are some of the most important aspects of raising a puppy. As your dog grows it can be supplemented with obedience training. In addition to keeping your dog well mannered, proper training can be mentally stimulating for your dog, can make breeds with bad reputations look friendlier, and increase your dog’s overall happiness. In honor of National Train Your Dog month, we’ve put together a list of local locations that will help your dog learn how [...]

Brexit and the online pet food industry

On June 24, people woke up to the news that Britain had voted to leave the European Union. In a couple of years, Britain will no longer be part of the EU. What does the result mean for online retailers operating within the UK pet industry? Swell UK, an aquatics, reptile and pet supplies retailerproduct supplier, offered an analysis. “No doubt many online retailers and particularly small business owners will be concerned and need to assess what implications the results [...]

Top 10 non-US pet food companies

Unicharm – Japan – US$722.6 annual revenue Deuerer – Germany – US$721.1 annual revenue Heristo AG – Germany – US$700.0 annual revenue Affinity Petcare SA – Spain – US$561.0 annual revenue InVivo Animal Nutrition and Health – France – US$516.6 annual revenue C&D Foods – Ireland – US$413.0 annual revenue V.I.P. Petfoods – Australia – US$300.0 annual revenue Partner in Pet Food – Hungary – US$284.8 annual revenue Mogiana Alimentos SA – Brazil – US$256.4annual revenue Dibaq Mascotas [...]

Merger creates pet food specialty retail giant

Pet Valu and Pet Supermarket have merged to create the third largest pet specialty retailer and the largest small-format, neighborhood pet specialty retailer in North America. The combined business is named Pet Retail Brands.  This merger follows a trend in the pet food industry of mergers and acquisitions. With over 930 stores, Pet Retail Brands will generate approximately $1 billion in system-wide retail sales across the US and Canada. Pet Retail Brands will have an extensive retail footprint with stores [...]

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