It’s that time of year again! It’s coming up quickly, but many of us are still hard at work figuring out what to get for the important people in our lives. Show how much you care by choosing a gift that recognizes the special bond between pets and their owners.  We’ve done some legwork for you and found a selection of gifts for dog and cat lovers that will leave them and their pets happy throughout the year. Services Dog walking [...]


Going on vacation takes a lot of preparation for people and pets. Although we like to take our pets with us wherever we go, sometimes that’s not possible. There are a lot of options for you when you have to leave a pet at home. Family, friends and fans It’s great when you have people in your life willing to take care of your cat or dog while you’re away. But whether you’re sending your pet out for a “sleepover” for [...]


Crates can be a great training tool for dogs. If used properly, a crate can become a safe and secure place for your pup to call their own. This makes crate training one of the fastest ways to housebreak a new puppy, as they won’t want to make a mess in their own domain. In addition, crates can help ease the transition to new environments for your pet, such as a hotel room, keep them safe when you are [...]


We all like a tasty treat to cool us down on a hot summer day. Your dog and cat are no different! On days when the heat can reduce their appetite, a change in your pet’s regular food routine can help to stimulate their interest in food again.  We’ve researched different sites like dogtreatkitchen.com and mixed them up with our own ideas to come with some recipes for popular summer treats. You might even find you like some of [...]


As pet owners, we know it’s officially spring the day we let our dog outside for a bio-break and he's not right back jumping at the door in a few freezing cold seconds. Or when he comes back into the house with something wet and slimy (hopefully only mud) on his paws that’s been covered up for most of the winter. As warmer weather arrives each spring across Canada, it opens up parts of our yards that may have been [...]


No one enjoys stepping outside to pick up their newspaper only to find a surprise under their shoe. Just like the social conventions humans adhere to, there’s also socially-accepted behaviour (or ‘pet-iquette’) for our pets. For those new to pet ownership, this may initially come as a bit of a surprise. To help you get started, we’ve surveyed pet owners, Pets Plus Us staff and some experts to come up with this list of our favourite ‘Pet-iquette Pointers’: Stay on-leash - [...]

Leash Holding – Could it Really be Dangerous?

Holding your dog’s leash seems like such a basic thing, but it could mean the difference between safety and some pretty awful injuries. I know, right now you’re probably thinking something along the lines of “this person is insane, how could holding a lead be dangerous?!. Many of us don’t even THINK about how we hold our dog’s lead, we just do whatever is comfortable. Two years ago I got my first dog and on my first day of puppy class [...]

A Doggie Kiss A Day Keeps the Doctor Away

I think most people get a little uncomfortable when their dog puckers up and somehow lands a sloppy kiss on the lips. In theory, it’s kind of cute. In reality, you can’t wipe it away fast enough – we do know where those mouths have been! This proposal may come as a surprise, as you instinctively start to raise the back of your hand to your mouth at the mere mention of doggie kisses. Apparently, smooching our pets is not so [...]

A Dog’s Short Term Memory is… Pretty Short

Last year, researchers at Stockholm University conducted a study of the memories of various animals, and they found some pretty interesting results. At the lower end of the memory scale were chimps, with a short term memory of only around 20 seconds. Our clever canine companions actually fared much better than chimps, and were placed at the higher end of the spectrum. Don’t get too excited, though. Their short term memory was no more than 2 minutes. So what does that [...]

Can Pets have Allergies?

The start of Autumn also marks the start of allergy season, and unfortunately seasonal allergies are very common in pets, especially dogs. Pets actually have very sensitive skin. At only half the thickness of human skin, they are incredibly sensitive to environmental allergens. When humans have allergies, we tend to get hayfever, with runny eyes, a blocked nose and signs in our upper airways. Pets are a little different. No matter what they are allergic to, whether it’s something in their diet or [...]

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