Training and socializing are some of the most important aspects of raising a puppy. As your dog grows it can be supplemented with obedience training. In addition to keeping your dog well mannered, proper training can be mentally stimulating for your dog, can make breeds with bad reputations look friendlier, and increase your dog’s overall happiness. In honor of National Train Your Dog month, we’ve put together a list of local locations that will help your dog learn how to behave.


  1. Bark Busters Home Dog Training (Clearwater)
  2. Upper Suncoast Dog Training Club (Clearwater)
  3. New Dawn Animal Behavior Center (Clearwater)
  4. Pet Peevs Dog, Cat, Horse, & Bird Training (Pinellas Park)
  5. Tripp’s Dog Training (St. Petersburg)
  6. The Doghouse LLC ( Petersburg)


Training is fun and will make life easier for you and your pet. Be sure to use tricks and commands on a daily basis to solidify what they have learned. Happy Train Your Dog Month!

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